Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Heirs of artisanal methods, our manufacturing techniques have been adapted to the industrial environment, to meet the continued  growth in demand.

All steps in the processing of our products are supervised by a quality management program in accordance with HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), the most stringent international standards for processing food: receiving the fish to the shipping of finished products, respect for the cold chain, safety program, training and staff accountability, etc.


Dry salting is used to extract a little water from the fish, which promotes a pleasant texture without drying out the skin. Mastering well the duration of this step avoids a taste too salty that can mask the subtle flavors. Salt is also a maintenance factor of smoked products.


Cold smoking between 21 and 35 degrees is the secret of success of a good smoked salmon. We customized our range of smoked products with a mix of maple wood chips and fruit, which gives our products an unmistakable fragrance.

Temperature, humidity, smoking time are carefully controlled to produce a constant result. traditional conservation method, smoking also extends the shelf the delicate flesh of fish


Mechanical trenching we have chosen can produce much more regular slices both in their thickness as in form. Furthermore, the slicing angle is more flexible, thereby easy handling by the consumer

Finished products

In small portions or more economical formats, we offer distinctive packaging, which contribute to the long-term conservation of the products. At this point, all the criteria of a superior production quality have been met, and it is with pride that we affix our brand.

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